iPhone用アプリ SNS Game Timer Free
iPhoneアプリケーション (iOS6/iOS7)
iPhone Application  (iOS6/iOS7)
Language : English, Japanese

FREE, 無料


 This timer is a timer for SNS games. It is a timer telling about time before it becoming time and event possibility before physical strength, a magical power and acting power being restored by SNS game. For time and the remaining time when it is in target value when the target value of the value of physical strength, a magical power and the acting power, the current value, the value set quantity to recover in time, I calculate a current value and display it. It can set the timer to up to eight. It inform that It recovered by a notice function when It make application a background. It can confirm a current value with a screen on the way. It can confirm whether a timer is working from a screen, or it is completed.
 Even if the value of the timer which It set is working, a change and deletion are possible. A change and the contents which were set earlier when It delete it are destroyed on the way. It can functionalize the completed timer again by doing it with an update button newly, and setting a value.

 *Because It do not link with the SNS game, please use the timer as an approximate aim. 

*There are the following limits in the free copy. 

The timer is up to three. (the pay version is to eight)

 The emblem is up to six. (the pay version is 12)



1)It added a keyboard input function.

2)It added a simple display function. The name and the remaining time are displayed.

 (*)It is displayed in the present value and the target in "SNS Game Timer"(the pay version).

 (*)It is not displayed in the present value and the target in "SNS Game Timer Free".

3)It added a change function of detailed information and the simple information.

4)Bug Fixed.
















2)簡易表示機能を追加。 名前と残り時間が表示されます。

 (*)SNS Game Timer(有料版)では現在地と目標時も表示されます。

 (*)SNS Game Timer Free(無料版)では現在地と目標時は表示されません。