iPad/iPhone用アプリ Snap Calcu

iPad/iPhone Universal Application (iOS6/iOS7)

Language : English, Japanese



 It is the calculator application that It can display to 15 columns. It is the calculator which this calculator application inputs it while watching other information to want to see in a terminal and can calculate. It could not watch the value that you wrote in other application and schedule books when you stood and put up an calculator, and have you not prepared for an calculator particularly so far? In addition, is there not the experience that I was not able to calculate only in the terminal when I intend to calculate the document in the train? It can calculate this calculator in one terminal while reading data of other application.
 It appoint an image and the schedule book which I took with a photograph in the background of the application and can calculate while looking at the value. In addition, the image which I can appoint in the background can do the extended reduction, and a calculation is possible while displaying a place to scroll only a background on the expansion, and to want to see.
 Because the size of the input pad of the calculator is user customization and comes, I can watch it when data are displayed under one of an input pad because I make it a little small and raise a document part or can change transparency of input pad in itself. On the contrary, it becomes easy to input it when background data are obstructive and are hard to use an input pad by stopping semitransparency. In addition, in the position of the input pad, the input is possible while moving a pad at the position that it is easy to watch because I can move by easily having a tag.
 It save content written to a white board in a meeting with a camera and can calculate it while watching the image which I stored later. When you use other application, You can display it in an calculator by storing a screen as an image using the screen capture function of the terminal. The indication of the schedule book is possible, too. A schedule book can calculate while opening the schedule book in an calculator, and watching transportation expenses or the pocket money which It recorded. (it is not necessary to store an image by screen capture in the case of a schedule book.) You can display the schedule book in an calculator).
 Of course It write in the value that you calculated at an image and a schedule book and can save it.
 The value that It stored in a value and memory calculating becomes able to watch this calculator. You can confirm the result of the conventional calculation and a calculation result stored in memory during input. In addition, It cope with fixed number operation. Because it is displayed about the value to be used at the time of fixed number operation, You know it what happens to the fixed number. If the fixed number operation is automatic, it supports two ways of methods of the manual. It is the automatic setting in pushing (manual manipulation) and the = key pushing two times of operation keys. Because there is a difference with various calculators, the method of the fixed number operation may be different in some movement that I was used so far. The value set for fixed number operation is displayed in "K" mark.
 Rounding off, a close, cutting off become able to set it about a method of the fixed number operation and the most loose cash of the indication of the decimal point. In the case of time to spend, You put it together, and, please set it.



 今まで電卓を立ち上げると他のアプリケーションやスケジュール帳に書いた値を見ることができなくて、別に電卓を用意したことがないですか?また、電車内等で資料の計算をしようと思ったら端末内だけで計算できなかった経験はないでしょうか? この電卓は他のアプリケーションのデータを見ながら1つの端末内で計算することができます。


 他のアプリを使用している場合には、端末のスクリーンキャプチャ機能を使って画面を画像として保存することで、電卓内に表示できます。 スケジュール帳の表示も可能です。スケジュール帳に記録した交通費やお小遣い等を電卓内でスケジュール帳を開いて見ながら計算ができます。(スケジュール帳の場合にはスクリーンキャプチャで画像を保存する必要はありません。電卓内でスケジュール帳の表示ができます。)