iPhone用アプリ Fountain Balls

iPhone Application  (iOS6)

iPhoneアプリケーション (iOS6)

Language : English, Japanese


無料, Free

How to play

Balls are raising from the bottom of screen and moving upward. Swipe them to the direction shown by the right colour of arrow(Fingertip).

Amongst the arrows(Fingertip), choose the one with the same colour to the ball. Then swipe the ball to that arrow's(Fingertip) direction.


Three different colours of balls are displayed on the top righthand side of screen. They indicate the order of balls appearance.

The bottom one is the colour of the ball that you should swipe next.When you miss the ball or swipe it to the wrong direction, it goes into the trash.


You will lose the game when trash is filled up.Moving Ducks! If the ball hit them, (as directed by the arrow) you will get some bonus point.


Consecutive hit will increase your bonus point. Aim well, and get higher score.

Special Items: As you make progress, a golden ball comes to appear on screen. You flip the ball of the golden ball on the top. 

When swipe does a screen with a finger below, the macho duck is usable. 


When the silver ball does not blow it up whether you do where crabs wipe, I collect to the trash box. 


At the time of network play, a silver ball appears to the opponent when you win the ball which a ball was ordered to to the duck of right and left. You start it against a silver ball, and, please attack it.